3 team picWelcome! We are so excited you stopped by to check us out and hope you stay around to follow us on our journey moving forward. Many of you have been wondering what in the world we have been up to, and for those that are hearing of us for the first time… well you haven’t missed much since this is our first blog post! We are kicking our company in to high gear here in the month of March as that word is propelling our momentum to March forward, March ahead, March onward without looking back. Let’s first start by answering some basic questions, the Who-What-Where-When-Why’s about us:

Who the heck are we?
Laresa Tapia is the CIO, inventor, and creative genius behind this product called The Polyblox. Carolyn Izzo is our fearless president and relationship ambassador. Mark Izzo is our COO and digital design guru. Amir Nazari is our code ninja and app developer. Davey Jay is our legal eagle making sure our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed. Together the members of our company are working hard to add sensory, smart products to the supplemental educational offerings currently available to educators, therapists, and parents of early readers.

What is The Polyblox?
The Polyblox, also known as The Ultimate Spelling Experience, is a fun and unique educational toy product. Our spelling totems are tactile and integrate upper and lower case letters, contextual pictures, sign language (ASL), Braille, and numbers that correlate to the letters to aid in sequencing the alphabet. Our totems have varying levels of difficulty, and our mobile app and website is being designed to engage and enrich each visitor by providing an interactive experience. Stay tuned for expansions of this product to include a cartoon series of our multi-lingual robots called Polybots.

Where are we located?
The Polyblox headquarters is located in beautiful historic downtown Sanford, Florida.

When did this idea come about?
Nearly ten years ago, Laresa doodled an idea for a spelling aid on a blank piece of paper. This act started a journey into the world of manufacturing and design, and in no time she garnered supporters, cheerleaders and even partners! The Polyblox is patent-pending and we are working hard to make this available to everyone very soon.

Why should you care?
Readers are leaders and we want to contribute in a meaningful way, and hope you do too. We are excited for children to experience spelling in a fun and unique way, but as adults it is our responsibility and due diligence to teach our children and upcoming generations about diversity, educate them on the different ways people learn, all while supporting our effort to eliminate fear of those with disabilities. Let’s make learning fun!

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