Team Polyblox at StarbucksMy wife Carolyn and I met up with our friend Laresa at one of our favorite local restaurants (Carmel) to talk about possibly going in to business together.  None of us had any real expectations but knowing that we all had a passion for entrepreneurship and were ready to try something new, we knew the meeting was worth it. We had ideas ranging from opening a coffee house, to having our own furniture store, ideas about a clothing and accessory company came up too. Fast forward 4 hours later and the idea of propelling an invention Laresa had for a spelling totem called the Polyblox was something that got us all excited!  It made the most sense considering we are all passionate about parenting, education, and making a difference in this world in our own small way.  Check out the picture below of the original Facebook message thread between the three of us (the picture above was from our weekly Starbucks meetings) which was written on the heels of that meeting – September of 2014!  A few weeks later, Laresa and I met with an accountant who confirmed that Polyblox was the best decision (out of all our crazy ideas) to invest in.  Our vision was Facebook message after lunch validated and we began meeting weekly to brainstorm and work together to bring Polyblox to life!

What’s the moral of the story? Surround yourself with creative people who have a passion for something… anything! Life is short – Do what you love and take risks.  It will be your best reward.


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