“I love learning toys because incorporating a kinesthetic aspect to the learning experience adds so much to it. This teaching toy does just that. It's highly kinesthetic, elegant and best of all, it's a great tool for learning."
-Luis Garcia Vice President Full Sail Labs
“What a remarkable toy! As a mom, I love the size and how portable it is. As an educator, I love that it engages the brain, fostering learning and creativity.”
-Kristen Campbell Head of School, One School of the Arts and Co-Founder of Feeding Children Everywhere
“As someone who works in television, specifically with kids on a film set, I find this learning toy a great addition to helping young actors become more efficient in reading and rehearsing their lines on command. Other than the director, we have teachers, parents and special coaches to help ease the stresses of reading on command. If we can integrate this learning tool in the classrooms off camera, we are going beyond the television. We are helping them become true readers. All great leaders are readers. I support this wonderful new idea.”
-Dylan Jefferson Production Coordinator at Nickelodeon and Digital Entrepreneur at Richrezkids.com
“From an OT perspective, my initial impressions of the totem are that an occupational therapist could use it as a tool to increase foundational visual-perceptual skills for visual memory, sequencing, discrimination, and orientation, as well as basic fine motor skills for prehension and manipulation. Further applications within a sensorimotor program are also clear – a skilled therapist can incorporate this tool, within a perceptual-motor exercise program, emphasizing physical responses to visual cues presented with the totem. I also perceive it as a great tool for educators and speech-language therapists – they can use it for multi-sensory learning, as the student can manipulate this 3-D totem and they can “see” the symbol representing the sounds they are working on. I look forward to working more with this tool within my practice.”
-Antonia Llull, MOT, OTR/L, Director A.LL Therapy Connection (2001) and Maitland Academy (2006) Co-Author of parenting guide, “Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Needs”

About Us

The Polyblox, also known as The Ultimate Spelling Experience, is a fun and unique educational toy product. Our spelling totems are tactile and integrate upper and lower case letters, contextual pictures, sign language (ASL), Braille, and numbers that correlate to the letters to aid in sequencing the alphabet.

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